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Children's haircut in Curitiba

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'Children's haircut' in Curitiba city

What does the children's haircut service typically include?

The kids' haircut service is made with their unique needs in mind. Speaking with them to learn about their interests is the first step. In addition to talking to the child and using kid-friendly products, the stylist also creates a happy environment. Usually, the service consists of shampooing and drying the client's hair, although occasionally it also includes styling or accessorizing. Ensuring that kids enjoy receiving their haircuts and feel comfortable is the key objective.

What to do when your kid hates their haircut?

It's normal for kids to have preferences and concerns about their appearance. Addressing their feelings with understanding and finding solutions together can help turn a haircut disappointment into a positive experience.
1. Stay calm. If your kid doesn't like their haircut, stay calm and reassure them that it's okay. Avoid getting upset, as this can make them more anxious.
2. Ask what they dislike. Talk to your child and ask specifically what they don't like about the haircut. Understanding their concerns can help address the issue.
3. Temporary solutions. In the meantime, explore temporary styling options, like using hair accessories or trying different hairstyles, to make them feel more comfortable.

Can I do children's haircut on my own?

You can try doing your child's haircut at home, but using a professional service is often a better choice. Haircutting requires skill, and mistakes can happen. Professionals have experience and know how to handle different hair types. If you decide to do it yourself, start with simple cuts and use proper tools. But for a better and safer outcome, it's usually best to let a trained hairstylist or barber handle your child's haircut.

How do I desensitize my toddler's haircut?

Desensitizing a toddler to haircuts involves making the experience positive and less intimidating. Here are some simple steps to help:
1. Familiarization with the environment. Take your toddler to the salon or barber shop a few times before the actual haircut. Let them explore and get comfortable with the surroundings.
2. Positive talk. Use positive language when discussing haircuts. Avoid negative words and describe the experience as something fun and enjoyable.
3. Role play. Engage in pretend play with a toy or doll to simulate a haircut. Let your toddler play the role of the hairstylist and the client to make the experience less intimidating.
4. Gradual introduction to tools. Start by introducing the haircut tools without using them. Let your toddler see and touch the comb, scissors, and cape gradually to reduce fear.
5. Distractions and rewards. Bring along your toddler's favorite toy or book to keep them distracted during the haircut. Offer praise and small rewards for good behavior, creating a positive association with the experience.

What is the average price for children's haircut in Curitiba?

The average price for children's haircuts in Curitiba can be influenced by several factors. One key factor is the experience of the stylist, as more experienced stylists may command higher fees. Additional services included in the haircut, such as shampooing, styling, or special treatments, can contribute to a higher overall price.

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