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Can I do nail extension on my own?

While it's technically feasible to attempt nail extensions at home using DIY kits, it's crucial to recognize the challenges involved. Achieving professional-looking and long-lasting results may be difficult without experience in nail extension application. The process demands specific techniques, precision, and a good understanding of the materials used.Considerations include your skill level, as nail extension application requires experience, and using the right products with proper knowledge of their application methods. Maintaining hygiene during the process is crucial to prevent infections. Additionally, professional nail technicians have specialized tools and equipment that may not be readily available for home use.

What does the nail extension service typically include?

Typically, the nail extension service includes applying synthetic extensions to naturally elongate nails. Attaching tips or forms is what this technique entails in order to get the required nail length. The technician then builds and shapes the longer nails using substances like acrylic or gel. The extensions are filed and shaped in accordance with the client's wishes once they have been placed. For a more finished look, the procedure could also include adding gel polish, nail polish, or other decorative accents. In addition, some technicians include extra cuticle and hand treatments, nail art, and designs in the entire nail extension procedure.

Which nail extension doesn't damage the nail?

Gel nails are generally considered to be less damaging to natural nails due to their flexibility and natural appearance. Fiberglass or silk nails, being lightweight, can also be gentler on natural nails. Acrylic dip powder nails, known for their odorless application, are often considered less damaging than traditional acrylics. It's important to note that proper application, maintenance, and removal by a skilled technician are crucial for minimizing the risk of damage, regardless of the type of nail extension chosen. Regular breaks between extensions and following aftercare instructions contribute to preserving the health of natural nails.

Which nail extension lasts longer?

Both acrylic and gel nail extensions are known for their durability, typically lasting several weeks. The specific longevity, however, depends on factors such as the skill of the technician, the quality of the products used, and individual lifestyle. Both types can endure daily activities well when properly applied and maintained. Regular aftercare, avoiding activities that may stress the nails, and scheduling routine maintenance appointments contribute to the extensions lasting longer. It's essential to consider individual preferences and lifestyle when choosing between acrylic and gel extensions for optimal results.

What is the average price for nail extension in Curitiba?

The price of nail extensions in Curitiba can vary depending on a number of factors. The type of extension—acrylic, gel, or dip powder—affects the total cost. Another aspect to take into account is the specialist's level of experience—highly skilled individuals typically charge more for their services.

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