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‘Handyman’ in Recife

Weuler M.

2 reviews
2 orders
ID verified
Experiência: eletricista , encanador e faz tudo .
Profissional cuidadoso, eficiente, educado, recomendo muito. Parabéns fiquei muito feliz com seus serviços.
Elaine Braga, 15 days ago

Christtian R.

2 reviews
7 orders
ID verified
Profissional na área de manutenção a 5 anos, conhecimento amplo e disponibilidade para resolução de problemas.
Ótimo! Resolveu tudo! Paciente e resolutivo. Bem feito e pontual.
Walace Peixoto, 1 month ago

Luciano R.

4 reviews
5 orders
ID verified
Faço serviços em gesso drywall forro sanca parede divisória parede 3D pintura massa corrida serviços elétricos e colocação de piso e revestimento
foi super atencioso e cuidadoso! instalou o meu chuveiro super bem instalado e foi super comunicativo!
Luciana Benedito, 30 days ago
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'Handyman' in Recife city

What services are provided by the handymen in Recife?

Handymen on our platform offer a diverse range of services, including minor repairs, installations, maintenance tasks, and other home improvement projects. This can involve fixing plumbing issues, repairing roofs, installing fixtures, and attending to various urgent demands that don't require specialized tradespeople like plumbers or electricians.

Do handymen from inDrive.Services platform provide services beyond residential properties in Recife?

Handymen in Recife registered on inDrive.Services are usually equipped to serve a variety of spaces, including offices, commercial establishments, and public areas. They ensure high-quality service delivery regardless of the location type.

How can I book the services of handymen through inDrive.Services?

Booking a handyman through inDrive.Services is a breeze:
  • Visit our platform and confirm your location in Recife.

  • Select the service category, "Handyman."

  • Fill out a brief form detailing your requirements.

  • Receive proposals from professionals within approximately 5 minutes* after submission.

  • Choose the most suitable handyman based on their ratings, reviews, portfolio, profile, and pricing.

  • Get in touch with the chosen handyman to discuss the details of your project.

What are the payment options for handyman services in Recife?

Payments for handyman services in Recife are made directly from the client to the specialist. You can choose to pay by cash, bank transfer, or any other convenient method accepted by the professional.

Can I schedule handyman services for specific dates and times in Recife?

Yes, you can schedule handyman services for any date and time that suits you in Recife. Whether it's a one-time task or regular maintenance appointments, handymen are flexible to accommodate your schedule.

Can I request additional services not included in the standard handyman package?

You can customize your handyman service order in Recife to include any additional tasks you require. Just communicate your specific needs to the handyman during the booking process.

How do I provide feedback about the handyman service received in Recife?

Your feedback is valuable to us! After receiving handyman services in Recife, you can share your thoughts and concerns through the inDrive App or website. Your input helps us continually improve our services and ensures customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using inDrive.Services to find handyman services in Recife?

Here are the benefits of using inDrive.Services for handyman services in Recife:
  • Quick and easy booking process, receiving proposals in just 5 minutes*.

  • Verified professionals, ensuring reliability and expertise.

  • Transparent pricing and negotiation directly with the specialist.

  • Convenient scheduling tailored to your needs.

  • Peace of mind knowing that help is readily available from trusted professionals.

How can I ensure the safety of hiring handymen through inDrive.Services in Recife?

We prioritize your safety by rigorously verifying each handyman's identity and conducting background checks before they join our platform. You can trust that the professionals you find on inDrive.Services in Recife are reliable and trustworthy.

Can I negotiate the price with handymen on your platform in Recife?

You have full control over the budget. You can set the price or negotiate directly with the handyman to reach an agreement that works for both parties. This ensures transparency and flexibility in pricing for your projects in Recife.
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