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Vehicle mechanics in Rio de Janeiro

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‘Vehicle mechanics’ in Rio de Janeiro

Rodrigo L.

94 reviews
154 orders
ID verified
Roma mecânica e elétrica, especializada em Vans diesel e carros em geral Atendimento domiciliar Serviços de solda tb
um excelente profissional, não descansa enquanto não solucionar o defeito. muito educado, eu recomendo.
Eduardo Nogueira, 1 month ago

Miguel d.

60 reviews
128 orders
ID verified
Chaveiro, eletricista, hidráulica, montador de móveis, móveis planejados, marceneiro, pintor, serralheiro, marido de aluguel , reparos e manutenções em geral, socorro mecânico.
Pessoa muito profissional, rápido, disponível. Obrigada Miguel por salvar nosso final de ano.
Ananda Amaral, 7 months ago

Eduardo Cezar A.

12 reviews
40 orders
ID verified
Mecânico de veículos cabeçotes,motores, injeção eletrônica, suspensão, freios, mecânica em geral.Funilaria em geral e mecânica de moto e bicicleta. Soldador de ferragem portão em geral. Motorista profissional. Etc
ótimo resolveu meu problema por um ótimo preço e muito rápido
Patrick Alves, 3 months ago
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'Vehicle mechanics' in Rio de Janeiro city

Why is hiring a service from registered vehicle mechanics in Rio de Janeiro on inDrive.Services highly recommended?

Hiring a service from vehicle mechanics on inDrive.Services is highly recommended because you'll have access to qualified and reliable professionals with reviews from other clients. Moreover, the hiring process is simple and convenient, providing peace of mind and security for the care of your vehicle.

Vehicle not moving: Can I find vehicle mechanics who come to my car in Rio de Janeiro?

Yes, on inDrive.Services, you can find vehicle mechanics ready to assist you wherever your car is in Rio de Janeiro. They have the necessary equipment to diagnose and solve problems on-site.

How do I place a service order on the platform if I don't know what's wrong with my car?

If you're not sure what's wrong with your car, simply describe the symptoms or problems you're facing when creating the service order. Vehicle mechanics on inDrive.Services are experienced in diagnosing a wide range of issues and can help identify and resolve the problem.

Can I know the total cost of the service before confirming the hiring?

Yes, on inDrive.Services, vehicle mechanics provide detailed estimates before starting the work. However, precise values can only be given after the professional checks your vehicle in person. This way, you'll have full transparency about the total cost of the service and can confirm the hiring with confidence.

Can I find specialists on inDrive.Services who repair imported cars not sold in Brazil?

Yes, on inDrive.Services, you can find vehicle mechanics capable of handling imported cars that are not common in the Brazilian market. They have the knowledge and skills required to deal with unique brands and models of vehicles.

How to find the ideal mechanic for my vehicle in Rio de Janeiro using inDrive.Services?

To find the ideal mechanic for your vehicle in Rio de Janeiro is simple:
  • Create a service order on the platform, describing the problem you're facing.

  • Available specialists will contact you, and you can review reviews from other clients to choose the professional that best meets your needs.

  • Settle the details of the service and payment directly with the chosen professional and make the hiring!

Do vehicle mechanics on inDrive.Services service any car brand?

Yes, vehicle mechanics on inDrive.Services have experience dealing with a wide variety of car brands and models. Regardless of your vehicle's brand, you can find a qualified specialist to meet your needs.

What precautions should be taken when hiring a vehicle mechanic service?

When hiring a vehicle mechanic service, it's important to check reviews from other clients about the professional, ensuring their reliability and competence. Another interesting factor is to check the workshop's records if the mechanic has one. Also, make sure to discuss the work to be done in detail, the warranties offered, and obtain a clear estimate before confirming the hiring.

Can I request an invoice for the vehicle mechanic services offered on inDrive.Services?

Yes, you can request an invoice for the vehicle mechanic services offered on inDrive.Services. However, it's important to confirm with the professional, before the contract, what type of invoice they issue, whether it's a payment receipt or an official invoice.
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