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‘Housekeeper’ in Rio de Janeiro

Victoria Tainá d.

1 review
2 orders
ID verified
Tenho experiência em: Cuidado infantil ( babá) Faxineira Diarista Cozinheira Trabalhos administrativos Vendas
Uma mulher guerreira, educada, aceita críticas e vem se aprimorando. Não troco serviço dela por nenhuma outra!
Julius Uchoa, 25 days ago

Amanda d.

1 review
4 orders
ID verified
Experiência com faxina: limpeza simples Limpeza pesada Pós obra Passadeira Experiência como baba a mais de 5 anos, crianças de 6 meses a 8 anos, principalmente crianças com transtorno de aspecto autista TEA. Tenho ótimas referências e recomendações.
Muito educada, cuidadosa e rápida. Gostei muito, chamarei de novo com certeza!
Elisa Dias, 2 months ago

Isabella L.

1 review
1 order
ID verified
Tenho vasta experiência em serviços gerais de limpeza , cozinheira forno e fogão , cuidadora de idosos. Trabalho também em eventos como garçonete, bilheteria e caixa, listas de convidados.
Pontual! Muito educada, limpa e organizada! Extremamente caprichosa nos detalhes. Minha casa ficou limpa, organizada e muito cheirosa! Nota 1000!
Reginaldo Soares, 2 months ago
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'Housekeeper' in Rio de Janeiro city

What are the reasons to hire a professional housekeeper in Rio de Janeiro on inDrive.Services?

  • Verified Professionals: inDrive.Services places utmost importance on customer safety and satisfaction. That's why we ensure that all professionals go through a rigorous verification process, including ID and criminal record checks.
  • Variety of services: Our platform offers a wide range of professionals to cater to your unique needs. Whether you require a day laborer for specific tasks, a regular maid service, or specialists in specific areas, we've got you covered.
  • Transparent Evaluations: Our platform incorporates a robust system of reviews and feedback. Before making a selection, you can review previous clients' experiences with the professional you're considering.

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What are the benefits of inDrive.Services Platform?

  • Easy Ordering: All you need to do is to fill out a brief form to place your order.
  • Fast Responses: Receive initial offers from specialists within 7 minutes* of submitting your request.
  • Informed Decisions: Choose a specialist based on ratings, reviews, portfolios, or prices that match your preferences.
  • Direct Negotiation: Negotiate all conditions, the price and everything else directly with the chosen specialist without the platform involved.
  • Verified specialists: All our specialists undergo a verification process, including ID and criminal record checks.

How often should I hire a housekeeper in Rio de Janeiro?

The ideal frequency for hiring a housekeeper largely depends on your family's or individual lifestyle and needs. If you have a large family, children, or pets, daily or at least three times a week may be necessary to maintain order. On the other hand, if you live alone or have a busy schedule, weekly or bi-weekly visits might suffice.

What's the difference between a housekeeper and a cleaning lady in Rio de Janeiro?

While both are professional cleaners, the main difference lies in the frequency and nature of the contract. A diarist is typically hired for specific days, such as once, twice, or even three times a week, and is paid per day. On the other hand, a cleaning lady, often referred to as a housekeeper or maid, provides more continuous services, such as daily or five days a week, and usually has a more formalized employment relationship with guaranteed labor rights.

How do you decide between a housekeeper and a cleaning service in Rio de Janeiro?

The choice between hiring a housekeeper and opting for a cleaning service depends on your specific needs and budget. A housekeeper is suitable if you require regular cleaning, organization, and additional tasks like cooking or childcare. On the other hand, a cleaning service is ideal if you prefer sporadic cleaning, deep cleaning, or cleaning for special occasions.

What factors affect the cost of hiring a day laborer in Rio de Janeiro?

Several factors influence the cost of hiring a housekeeper. Your home's size and location, the complexity of tasks, and the cleaner's experience and specialization all play a significant role. For instance, a home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms or specific features like a swimming pool or garden may come at a higher cost. Likewise, professionals with years of experience or specialized skills, such as cleaning delicate surfaces, may charge higher fees for their services.

When is the best time to hire a housekeeper in Rio de Janeiro?

The optimal time to hire a cleaner is when you feel that maintaining your home is impacting your quality of life or taking up too much of your free time. Additionally, hiring a professional for special occasions like parties or events ensures everything is immaculate.
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