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‘Makeup’ in São Paulo

Erika d.

1 review
4 orders
ID verified
Sou maquiadora a 8 anos e atendo a domicílio. Preço justo e atendo no conforto da sua casa, faço também penteados simples, podemos negociar um combo para melhor atender. Faço maquiagem para eventos no geral, ensaios, formaturas, casamentos, 15 anos e entre outros
Muitooooo gente boaaa!! Fez uma make e um penteado maravilhoso!!!! SUUUUPER RECOMENDO!
Júlia Neves, 5 months ago

Henrique A.

9 reviews
15 orders
ID verified
Caros CLIENTES: Olá! Realizo serviços abaixo: -Limpeza -Padrão e Profunda(Limpeza padrão para manter a organização da casa) (Limpeza Profunda para remover toda sujeira,Com materias antibacterianos) (Consulte sobre os materiais necessários)(Casa,Apartamento) -Cuidados e beleza (Progressiva,botox,escova e Chapinha,entre outros) -Maquiagem,Artística,Simples,Casamento,formatura -Serviços de soldagem -Cuidador de pet e idosos Entre outros. Gentileza sempre comunicar caso falte algum material para execução de qualquer serviço.
Está ótimo. Adorei os trabalhos anteriores. Surreal. Super indico.
Vilson Elisson Rodrigues Simin, 7 months ago
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'Makeup' in São Paulo city

What services are typically provided by professional makeup artists?

Professional makeup artists offer a range of services, including everyday makeup, glamorous looks for outings or formal events, bridal makeup, anti-aging techniques, special effects makeup, and more. They collaborate closely with you to create the desired appearance.

Is it safe to hire makeup artists in São Paulo through inDrive.Services?

We understand your concerns and are committed to ensuring your safety when engaging professionals through our platform. That's why we conduct a rigorous evaluation of aspiring makeup artists and visagists before approving their profiles. This includes verifying their identification and conducting criminal background checks.

How far in advance should I book a makeup artist for my event?

For weddings, it's advisable to secure a makeup artist 4-6 months in advance. For other events, providing a one-month notice is ideal. However, on our platform, you can discover professionals who accept last-minute requests when their schedules permit. Booking in advance grants you access to the best makeup artists.

How can I arrange makeup or visagism services via inDrive.Services?

Hiring the perfect makeup service for you on our platform is as effortless as making a wish. Simply follow these straightforward steps:
  • Upon entering our platform, it will inquire if you are in São Paulo. If you are, proceed by selecting the service category, in this instance, makeup. If you are situated in another city, choose "No," specify your city, and then select the service category.
  • Fill out a brief form to provide makeup artists with information about your request.Submit your request and anticipate receiving proposals from makeup artists within approximately 7 minutes*.
  • Choose the most suitable makeup artist by considering their ratings, reviews, portfolio, profile, and pricing. Make an informed selection.
  • Contact your chosen professional to discuss the particulars of your request and express your interest in their services.

What is the typical cost of makeup services in São Paulo?

Average prices for makeup services typically range from R$70 to R$150 for standard makeup, depending on the services required. Bridal makeup or makeup for special events can average between R$200 to R$400. Costs can vary based on specific services, product selection, and the artist's experience.

Why use our platform to find the perfect makeup service in São Paulo?

Choosing our platform provides you with the confidence to select the right makeup artist or visagist, ensuring a stunning look for your special occasion. Here are several reasons to consider our service:
  • Save time with our swift and straightforward service request process.
  • Receive quotes from professional makeup artists within just 7 minutes.
  • Choose the best makeup artists based on genuine reviews, proven experience, and competitive pricing.
  • Maintain control over costs by negotiating the final budget directly with the makeup artists, bypassing intermediaries.
  • Collaborate with trustworthy professionals. On our platform, you'll find makeup artists who have undergone 100% verification of their identity and background checks.

What are the key benefits of hiring makeup artists from our platform?

Here are the advantages we offer:
  • Streamlined service request: A quick form is all you need to make your request.
  • Prompt responses: Receive initial offers from makeup artists within 7 minutes* after submitting your request.
  • Informed decision-making: Choose a makeup artist or visagist based on ratings, reviews, portfolios, or prices that suit your requirements.
  • Price negotiation: You're in control. Clients can set the price or select from available options when specialists propose their prices. Clients and artists can then finalize all order details and negotiate the price directly, with no platform intermediation.
  • Trusted professionals: All specialists undergo verification, including identity and criminal background checks.
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